The Sales Training Industry is Broken

Why do we say that? Specific services, offered piecemeal, without specific outcomes defined and measured won’t get the job done.

US companies spend more that $70 billion annually on training. Yet, most of that learning, 77 percent, is forgotten in just six days.

Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve

Unfortunately, the lack of results is often blamed on poor sales trainings, lack of industry knowledge or one of many other factors.  In truth, it is the result of an ad-hoc approach that sales training companies have been using for decades which ignores the best practices for adoption and retention of new skills.

There is a better way!

The RevHeat Sales Training Model

Sales Competencies

Pinpoint training to improve the 21 core selling competencies required to win every deal they should.

Sales DNA

Training to address the team's individual beliefs that sabotage sales outcomes and limit their potential.

Sales Management

Improve the impact of your sales managers through mastery of the 4 core competencies.

Sales Training

Implement a blended learning approach based on your goals, company and industry.

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Our Contention

Most companies are buying sales training the the wrong way.  They are trying to “fix” the sales person and ignoring the imapct of their Sales DNA™ and the sales management on their results.

Our Proposal

What if you could have a sales training program that addresses the team’s hidden beliefs, improves the impact of your managers and builds their selling competencies just like a world class sales organization?  Now you can!

Do you want to build the best sales team in your industry?

Use the 3 pillars of the Revenue Acceleration Roadmap™ to answer the right questions so you can understand what else you can do to support a successful sales training initiative over the long-term.  

Training & Development

Management & Skills

Infrastructure & Process

What are the challenges slowing your growth?