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The Revenue Acceleration Roadmap™

Every instinct tells you your team can and should sell more, but where do you start, how do you get the information to put together a complete plan to enable a high-performing sales team and outshine your competitors?

The Revenue Acceleration Roadmap™ provides you the exact solution you are looking for.  Our proprietary roadmap with tell you exactly how how more they should be selling, how long it will take to capture and exactly what to do.

Cold Call Execution Matrix

Live call execution is consistently identified as the #1 challenge standing in the way of sales team success. According to Gartner, sales reps who receive just 3 hours of call coaching per month boost revenue by 25% and increase their closing rate by 70%.


Use the RevHeat™ Cold Call Execution Matrix to improve your sales team’s pipeline today. This fillable PDF allows real-time coaching of your team and breaks the call into 4 specific and manageable parts.

The Perfect Discovery Call

Are you looking for a discovery meeting that is trainable, repeatable and scalable to improve the conversion from a discovery call to a real-world opportunity? What would it mean if you could improve opportunity creation by 30 to 50%? What if you could improve the quality of the deals and sell opportunities for more money on a regular basis?


It all starts with The Perfect Meeting™ framework. A six-step process your team can apply to any sales meeting to build value for the prospect, uncover the “real reasons” a buyer will or won’t by and build an emotional bond in the process.

Objectively Score Every Deal To Increase Your Team Closing Rates

The Opportunity to Close Roadmap™ is an objective way to score the 6 most important factors in closing a sale. It can be used as an objective scorecard to test against how your team “feels” about a specific opportunity. The higher the score the higher the chances of winning the deal.


Use the Opportunity to Closes Roadmap™ scoring system to improve the quality of every deal in your pipeline, improve your average closing price, reduce your time to close and improve your team’s closing percentage.

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The Sales Talent Acquisition Routine

The Sales Talent Acquisition Routine (STAR) is a process developed to hire high performing sales talent. This 5-step process is engineered to give HR, executives, managers, and leaders a recruiting and hiring process that:

The Right Content At The Right Time

The Full Lifecycle Content Map™ starts where your business stops thinking about increasing the Lifetime Value of you clients.  


By mapping the types of content needed across the buyers journey and continuing it across the client journey you will be able to create an intentional roadmap for growing your clients lifetime value for years to come.



Do you know what types of content to use to maximize conversions from MQL to SQL?  How about from client commitment to renewal?  Download our content map now and you will.

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Unify Marketing and Sales Efforts

Sales says, “We aren’t getting enough leads, or the leads stink.”  Marketing says, “Sales isn’t closing the leads they are providing.”


As the cost of client acquisition continues to rise with changing buyer expectations it is more important than ever to gain alignment between your marketing and sales teams.


Use our Marketing and Sales Service Level Agreements Template as a way to get your teams aligned and producing more sales than ever.

Properly Prioritize Your Sales Initiatives

The prioritization of your company’s sales initiatives may be the most important decision you make to put your company on an accelerated growth path.


Use our Sales Initiative Prioritization Map™ to decide which projects should be addressed first.  Should you prioritize based on short-term earnings or long-term corporate value?  Ease to implement or impact?



Map your initiatives based on the ACTUAL expected impact on earnings or company value against the difficulty to implement the project to remove the guesswork and drive your business forward.

What's The Attrition in The Friction?

The typical Go-to-Market for professional service and Software-as-a-Service bleeds money due to the inherent friction in hand-offs between departments.

This loss of confidence and value by prospects impacts 3 specific areas:

Learn how to effectively map the sales friction in your organization to improve sales.