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Merging GTM Functions Between Acquired Companies to Grow Client Lifetime Value

One of the biggest challenges with merging sales forces is ensuring your team follows a unified process to uncover, pursue, and win opportunities to sell the full suite of solutions.

Without it, sellers and pursuit team members miss revenue by walking past chances to extend client engagements and create more meaningful work. And worse, those opportunities often go to your competitors.

“I didn’t know they’d need more help. I thought they just needed a few resources from our end.”
– Seller

Since sellers aren’t used to selling the additional solutions offered by the other companies which are now a part of the brand portfolio, they don’t hunt for those problems and fail to capitalize on the new found capabilities they can sell.


So while you offer more comprehensive services, you don’t offer it collectively yet. You’re not consistently selling the entirety of your offer to every prospect.
Customer Lifetime Value doesn’t increase at the rate and speed you anticipated before purchasing the additional companies.


Client engagements fail to grow longer and bigger.
You don’t realize the strategic advantage of the acquisition(s).

So it’s essential that sellers and non-sellers involved in deals are:

1. Avoiding easy wins to sell solutions that are at risk of commoditization (like staff- augmentation for example).


2. Following a unified process designed to uncover prospects’ broader strategic needs outside of just what motivated them to schedule a call.

Ultimately, the biggest risk of not having a sales process that involves strategic conversations is becoming commoditized and margins decreasing.

For example, staff-aug work, rather than acting as a strategic partner, is not how executives want the company to be positioned with clients, and it isn’t what employees want to deliver, either.


That’s because it lends itself to working on smaller, one-off projects, rather than being more deeply involved in a much bigger initiative.


With a consistent, repeatable, unified process across sales & delivery to have more strategic conversations throughout engagements, teams win longer and larger deals. More clients become 5 year long, $20M accounts. Employees enjoy their work more. And there’s less tension between sales and delivery.


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